Lüscher Colour Test

Test (C) by Test Verlag, Basel, 1948.
Program (C) by Kai Arste, 2000.
Welcome to my on-line version of the (shorter) personality test designed by Dr. Max Lüscher, based on colour choices. In this test, the subject twice selects eight colours in the order of liking them, and the interpretation is based on these choices. For further details of the test, and of the theory behind it, you are referred to one of the books in which the test has been published.

This is a 'deep' test, in that the interpretations can be quite personal, and so it is advisable to be cautious with the outcome; not only can it occasionally be upsetting, it can also be 'far off the mark'. The test should not be treated as a game or used as a weapon in personal disputes; but it can serve as an interesting starting point for conversations -- if only about the ways in which the test's interpretations may not apply in a particular case.

Note that the transactions over the Internet are not secure, and that your choices and the page of the interpretation may be kept in your local cache, but that no results will be stored on the server where the program is running.

Click here to start the test, (or you can close the window.) Thank you for your interest in my little programming exercise. Enjoy.

Note: in this version the test only works on browsers that are DOM-compliant, which should include IE 5.5 or above and NN 6.0 or above, (but not NN 4.7.)